Dubai’s Dynamic Tower

    William Mungall - Dynamic Tower

    Over the years, Dubai has built a solid reputation for itself in terms of revolutionary urban architecture. Home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai is not unfamiliar with unique buildings dominating its illustrious skyline. Tourists and locals alike are now eagerly waiting for the city’s latest endeavor, the Dynamic Tower, a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel.

    The Tower is a staggering 80 storey structure designed to serve as luxury apartments for Dubai’s finest. What sets the Dynamic Tower apart from the rest of the many-storied luxury apartments is that this tower is a rotating skyscraper, the first of its kind. Rotating restaurants have been a global architectural fad for quite some time now, but never before has anyone ventured to apply it on such a mammoth scale.

    Designed by Italian architect, David Fisher, this 420m rotating monolith is expected to cost about 700 million dollars. It was expected to be completed by 2010, but as of now, the tower has not been built yet. Fortunately for Fisher, the delay does not steal much away from the fascination of architectural professionals.

    Attached to a central column, each floor of the building can shift to ensure it has no specific shape. All 80 apartments will be spinning a full 360 degrees (with one to three hours) with the use of 79 power-generating wind turbines between each floor. The building is designed to be energy self-sufficient and apartments come in the price range of 3.7 million dollars yo 36 million dollars (at the rate of 30,000 dollars per square meter).

    Fisher’s company has not sold any apartments yet and are also waiting to secure proper funding for this project, but claims that the skyscraper can be competed in merely 480 days. Meanwhile, Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina remains the city’s and world’s tallest rotating building standing 310m tall with a 90 degree twist.

    The Dynamic Tower promises to reshape the future of architecture, and the with a design so tantalizingly visionary, the architectural world holds it breath in anticipation of this rotating wonder.