Travel Germany

    William Mungall’s trip with his grandfather took him to many beautiful places throughout Germany.  Here are some other tips for planning a great vacation to Germany.

    Where to Go

    Oktoberfest in Munich: If you can, make sure to time your visit to Germany for the end of September and first week of October.  That way, you’ll be able to visit the Bavarian city of Munich and experience Germany’s best known festival.  The world famous fair offers a multitude of attractions, including amazing food, but the star of the show is the beer.


    Visit Munich’s Oktoberfest if you find yourself in Germany in late September and early October.

    The Zwinger in Dresden:  Make your way to Dresden in Eastern Germany and visit the extravagant palace known as The Zwinger.  The palace was the headquarters of the Dresden court.  It was destroyed during the bombing raids of WWII but has since been rebuilt and converted in a museum.

    The Zwinger

    The Zwinger, a palace in Dresden is a must-see.








    The Imperial Cathedral in Aachen: The Imperial Cathedral, or the Aachen Cathedral is one of the oldest in all of Northern Europe.  It was commisioned by the first emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, and was used as the location of coronations for German kings and queens for 600 years.  This wonder will amaze history and architecture buffs alike.

    Cathedral at Aachen

    The Imperial Cathedral, or Aachen Cathedral was built by Charlemagne.

    These are just a few of the great attractions and historical sites that you should try to put on your itinerary if you visit Germany.  The best piece of advice for getting the most out of your trip is to do your homework.  Be prepared and know what you want to see before you leave so you can maximize your time and find the places and things that interest you most.