Brand New Travel StartUps

    william-mungall-traveling-startupIn today’s world a new startup becomes public knowledge every 5 minutes. It’s a very exciting time in the world when a young and innovative company comes out of nowhere and disrupts all kinds of industries and levels out the playing field. The innovative solutions to life’s most frequently asked questions and necessary products/services have truly become revolutionary. I love to travel and regularly keep up with new products or information on how to travel better, smarter, more efficiently, and save as much money as possible all while maximizing relaxation and fun. The companies listed below are brand new and definitely set to make some pretty big waves in the travel industry.


    Absoludata is an analytics based service that provides hotels offering products for customers and various analytics related to their marketing such as research and gathering all the data needed to visualize their marketing efforts. The company aims to help hotels increase non-room revenue and determine the best possible mix of digital and traditional media investments.

    Nueva Hospitality:

    This new company is “an all-in-one suite” of cloud based solutions designed for small hotels. Yes, the smaller hotels still need to compete against the bigger players in the hospitality industry. Nueva Hospitality helps hotels integrate with online travel agencies and other search sites to provide a solid platform for guests to research and book their time.


    UpsellGuru sells a proprietary software to hotels to allow guests to bid for room upgrades and book reservation add-ons prior to their check-in. The company has implemented a strong email based information system to allow users to know what is going on in their intended hotel during each week. It sounds like a new and interesting way to interact with customers before they check-in and make for a more communication based business. It will be interesting to see how the hotels take to the bidding process for additional amenities.


    Tengwirth allows hotel employees to better receive, record, and respond to hotel guest’s various requests. The system appears to be rather advanced as it also helps employees to learn waht certain guests do and don’t like. Tengwirth seems to aggregate a ton of information so that employees have the most up-to-date information for guests at all time to enhance the time guests stay at the hotel.


    There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now HelloTel, the social network for hotel guests. For the first time hotel guests can communicate with each other a lot easier with digital assistance. HelloTel allows hotels guests to interact with each other through various means and also allows for nearby hotels to engage in conversations and events as well. Although it seems like a lot of this information could be found via Yelp, Facebook, and more it will be interesting to see how HelloTel differentiates itself and grows.


    Thanks for reading!

    -William Mungall